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Boost revenue and bring in new clients with Digital Gift Cards. Your clients can purchase and use your Gift Cards to pay for sessions or email as a gift and introduce your business to their friends and family.


Once you set up your Gift Card amounts, your clients will purchase your digital Gift Cards from your Booking Site. Gift Cards can be used to book sessions with you until the balance has been used up.

Configure Gift Card Settings

  1. Navigate to Gift Cards from the sidebar
  2. If this is your first time configuring the Session Gift Card Settings, Click Get Started. If you have already used Session Gift Cards before, click Gift Card Settings.
  3. Add the gift card amounts available for purchase. You can also offer your clients more value for their money by changing the Gift Card value. For example, a client can purchase a $200 Gift Card for $150.
  4. Toggle ON Sell Gift Cards on my Booking Site to start selling your Gift Cards from your Booking Site.
  5. Click Save.



How your clients purchase your Gift Cards

Once you toggle on Sell Gift Cards on your Booking Site, your clients will be able to choose the amount they want and purchase the gift card right from your Booking Site. Once the purchase is complete, we will email your client their session Gift Card, including their unique redeem code that they can use when booking a session with you.




How your clients use your Gift Cards

Your clients can redeem their Gift Card during booking on the payment step. Gift Cards can be used until the balance has been used up.



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