Day 1 with Session: Configuration Checklist

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We put together this quick guide to help you get started with configuring Session on day 1 after signing up for our free trial.

The guide is split into two parts; the first will help you jump into creating a mini session as quickly as possible. The second part will help you configure Session for the rest of your photography business.

Create your first mini session

If your main goal is to quickly create and launch your mini session event, this is where you should start:

  1. Creating a mini session
  2. Managing mini sessions

Configure Session for your business

Let's configure Session so that it's set up properly for your photography business.

  1. Create your session types - The services you offer to your clients. Please note: Mini sessions are events and not session types.
  2. Set your availability - The days and times you are available for sessions.
  3. Customize your email notifications that are sent to your clients.
  4. Brand your booking site. This is what your clients use to book full sessions, published minis, and submit inquiries online.
  5. Configure your Bio LinkAdd your Bio Link to your social media profiles and help your followers discover your active mini sessions, booking site, website, and all other content you want to share with them with just one link.

There is no one way to set Session; feel free to explore the platform and start configuring it, so you feel most comfortable and have fun with it!


Extra credit

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