How to connect Flodesk and Session

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Flodesk makes creating beautiful emails as easy as it gets. 

In this article, we'll show you how to connect your Flodesk account to Session.

Connecting your Flodesk account to Session

Step 1. From you Session account, navigate to Manage > Integrations

Step 2. Find the Flodesk tile and click "Connect" and then "Connect to Flodesk"

Session 2024-02-26 - c4Zhtp10@2x.pngSession 2024-02-26 - Lb6isQRC@2x.png


Step 3. Log in to your Flodesk account and click Allow to authorize Session to access your Flodesk account

Session 2024-02-26 - BpaobMHR@2x.png

Session 2024-02-26 - CC0u4ANW@2x.png


Step 4. Once your Flodesk account is connected, all new clients will be added to the "All subscribers" in Flodesk.


Step 5. Optionally, you can choose to add clients to a Flodesk segment by clicking "Edit Flodesk Segment"

Session 2024-02-26 - ZD5R3smW@2x.png





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