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One of the standout features of Session's Client Galleries is the clear distinction between "Final Edits" and "Soft Proofing". We understand how important it is to keep your workflow organized and we've taken steps to ensure that each stage of your delivery process is clearly defined and easily manageable. The best part, you can decide how you want to deliver your galleries for each different session type or mini session!

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Final Edits

With the 'Final Edits' option, you can upload your beautifully edited images and your clients can download their photos instantly. No more waiting around, no more back-and-forth emails. It's as simple as click, and download!

Soft Proofing

Alternatively, if you prefer to give your clients a say in the final selection, you can use the 'Soft Proofing' option. This allows you to upload proofs and let your clients select their favorite photos before delivering the final edits.

When you choose 'Soft Proofing', the "Download" section in your user interface will change to "Delivery". This area is divided into three tabs: Ready for Final Edits, Ready for Delivery, and Delivered.

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Upselling Built-in

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No matter which delivery mode you choose, upselling is already built into Session Galleries. If you choose to upsell, your clients can choose to download or select (if soft proofing) more photos than their package allows, and they can automatically pay for these additional photos without you needing to intervene! This feature can help increase your revenue while providing added value to your clients and the best part -- No more waiting around, no more back-and-forth emails!


How to set your delivery mode

Choose how you want to deliver your galleries for each session type or mini session ahead of time. In your Packages and Fees, simply select the Gallery Delivery Mode that suits you best.

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Once you choose your delivery mode, set the number of photos your clients receive with their package and configure your upselling.


Overwriting your delivery mode

Easily change the delivery mode for any session! With just a few clicks, you can switch between modes for all your booked sessions right from the client gallery. Simply access the gallery sidebar, click on Deliverables, and customize your mode to suit your needs. It's that simple and convenient!

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