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Will my subscription fee increase?

Nope, your subscription already includes 3GB of storage, which can hold 1000+ photos. Plus, using galleries is totally optional. But why wouldn't you? If you choose to seamlessly deliver galleries through Session and need more space, you have the option to purchase additional storage.

Can I upsell?

Absolutely! You can choose to sell extra photos at a fixed price and even offer discounts for full gallery downloads. Session simplifies the upsell process for your clients, making it seamless and convenient.

Do you have print store support?

Not yet, we only support digital delivery at the moment.

Can I watermark my photos?

Definitely! However, when your clients download the photos, they will receive the original non-watermarked files.

Can I limit the number of photo downloads?

Yes! With our seamless integration of galleries into your session packages and deliverables, you have complete control over the number of downloads allowed. Plus, give your clients the option to purchase additional downloads.

Can my clients favorite photos?


Can I deliver galleries without a booked session?

No, our galleries are an integral part of the client session.

Can I password-protect my galleries?

Your gallery is private and can only be accessed by your client and those they choose to share their unique link with. While setting a password is optional, you may do so for sensitive or more private content.

Can I switch between delivering final edits and soft proofing?

Yes! With Session galleries, you can choose your preferred delivery method per session!


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