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Does Session automatically notify my clients when there is an opening?

No! We want you to be able to have total control over when and if your clients are notified.

If someone on the waitlist books a spot, is their name removed from the waitlist?

Yep! Their name will be removed from the waitlist.

Why is the "Compose Email" button grayed out on my waitlist?

If you do not add more spaces to the mini, that email will remain unclickable! Remember, you can only use that button once!

How do I know who signed up first?

The names will be in descending order on your waitlist! The newest names are at the top of the list.

Why isn't my waitlist showing up on my booking site?

All the sessions in your mini session must be booked before the waitlist will appear.

Why isn't my mini session with a waitlist showing up on my booking site?

The mini-session must have a date and at least one session to be published on your booking site.

I want to build hype for my mini! How can I publish my waitlist without adding a date first?

You can either use the direct link only or add a date and time and reserve it!



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